Classes Available

Baby Class


A fun and relaxed class for all abilities. This class is a stepping-stone and introduction to Freestyle dance where we start learning the basics and working on technique. We also look at Slow, Street, Rock’n’Roll and show dance routines. Parents are invited to watch and sometimes join in!

Junior Class

This is a step up from our baby class and a little longer, to make sure we work them harder. The styles are the same but the work is of a higher level and we often give the students the opportunity to start creating work independently to. Improving technique and physical skills throughout so that everyone can achieve a standard that is appropriate for them.


The biggest difference from the junior class is the content –making sure that it is appropriate and challenging enough for the age and range of abilities. All three classes (Baby, Junior and Senior) also focus on exam work and show dance routines as all participants are invited to take part in our annual events. Please note that this is not compulsory and you only have to take part if you want to.

A really fun dance exercise class for anyone wanting to move to music and leave feeling welcome, energised and smiling from ear to ear. Everyone really is so lovely and it leaves us feeling really happy at the end of the night. We do a warm up to start, followed by a target area to work on to get us sweaty and then we go on to learn a dance routine to a different tune each week which is picked by the class so that its something you would like to work on. We cover all styles of dance and dance to a range of music from different eras but there is never any pressure to be a dancer – it’s more about getting you moving, keeping fit and having fun that counts! It’s a class for all abilities and ages from 18 and upward and this class is also invited to perform in our annual show…. How exciting!


Our SAS of classes! An hour and a half of hard work, dedication and serious training to make our dancers faster, stronger, more powerful and bendy-er versions of their already glorious selves. The before and after results of this class are amazing and progress is always tracked and shared with parents and students. It is mainly competitors that take part however it is open to anyone wanted to train hard, join in and leave feeling that they have worked their socks off!

For anyone wanting to work one-to-one with a teacher or with a partner. Usually for those that compete or that would like to compete but also for anyone that would just prefer this style of teaching rather than a class environment. Private lessons are typically 15 minutes or 30 minutes long.

Mixed Street

A mixed ability class for boys and girls wanting to learn all styles of Street Dance. The goal is to train our dancers to be ready for street competitions if they want to compete. There is no pressure if they just want to come along for fun to as this class works on group routines, solo work, pairs and freestyiling so there really is something for everyone!

Comp Slow

A class aimed at our competitive squad and for those wanting to expand their slow technique and ability. Focusing on performance, musicality, dynamic quality and expression; this class will really help the dancers fine tune their routines ready to make a big difference on the dance floor. 

Performing Arts

Named BEST class by one of our students because it really is the best class! Teaching students to be creative and expressive in a safe space with like minded people and using music, dance and acting to challenge them to reach their full potential. We focus on a new topic each half term and hold regular performances for parents, family and friends to come and watch. 

Senior Class
Adult Class
Acro Class
Private Lessons